the easy-to-learn, easy-to-use routing framework for .NET

Features and Benefits

Helpful Project Templates

How easy is it to bootstrap a JuniorRoute project? How about just three simple steps! See the quick-start page to get started.

Simplified Architecture

.NET MVC frameworks can be bloated or cumbersome. Why not ditch the complexity for the simplicity of a framework that integrates with HTTP more closely? JuniorRoute’s front controller maps a HTTP request message to a code method without base class requirements or complex context objects.

Convention-driven Automatic Route Generation

Auto-routing skips tedious and error-prone route-by-route configuration in favor of automatic route generation using conventions. Once conventions are established, simply add new endpoint classes and methods to create new routes. It couldn’t be simpler!

Bundling and Minification

Bundling and minification are requirements for today’s high-performance and bandwidth-conserving Web applications. Auto-routing exposes a simple fluent interface for configuring your bundles and integrates with YUICompressor .NET for reliable minification of your CSS and JavaScript assets.


Are you awesome with Autofac? Super with StructureMap? JuniorRoute is built from the ground up to support your favorite IoC container. Inject dependencies into an endpoint class constructor and JuniorRoute will provide them using your configured container.

Modular Design

A single NuGet package often forces you into corners with regards to unnecessary dependencies. JuniorRoute’s many NuGet packages enable you to use only the features you want while keeping dependencies to a minimum.

No ASP.NET MVC Dependencies

JuniorRoute does not use any part of the ASP.NET MVC framework.


Learn exactly what makes JuniorRoute tick by browsing the source code or fork the repository to add your own features! Collaboration and pull-requests are always welcome!

Robust Documentation

JuniorRoute’s concepts and classes are well-documented–something that can’t be said for some other Web frameworks.

Unit-tested and NUnit-approved

JuniorRoute’s codebase contains over 1100 unit tests to ensure a level of quality you can count on.